Current Affairs 30th April-20

Welcome to your Sarat Chandra Banking & SSC 8th April-2021 Daily Quiz

Q1) In which port Adani Ports & Special Economic Zones (APSEZ) acquired 25% stake to make it a wholly-owned subsidiary port of the company?
Q2) Who authored the book “The Eco-vote: Peoples’ Representatives and Global Environment”?
Q3) Which bank partnered with Tide India platform to provide bank accounts for the Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) customers of Tide India?
Q4) Which word is synonymous with the word ‘unravel’?
Q5) A mixture of milk and water in a vessel contains 38 liters of milk and 7 liters of water. M liters of milk and (M – 3) liters of water are mixed with this mixture to form a new mixture. If 35% of the new mixture is 21 liters, then find the quantity of water that is added.
Q6) If L is the daughter of A and B, K has three children, B is married to the only son of K and is the sister-in-law to both C and J, B does not have any siblings, then which of the following statements is definitely true?
Q7) Smaller and less expensive PC-based servers are replacing _______ in many businesses.
Q8) The minimum height of a plane mirror to see the full size image of a person is equal to
Q9) If a liquid is heated in space under no gravity, the transfer of heat will take place by process of
Q10) Which one of the following sets of elements was primarily responsible for the origin of life on the Earth?

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