Sarat Chandra Banking & SSC 12th August 2021

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1. 2, 12, 36, 80, 150,..
The driver of a maruti car driving at a speed of 68km/h locates a bus 40m ahead of him. After 10sec the bus is 60m behind. The speed of the bus is
A runs 25% faster than B and is able to allow B a lead of 7 meters to end a race in dead heat. What is the length of the race?
What was the day of the week on 20 may, 1985 ?
A clock loses 1% time during the first week and then gains 2% time during the next one week. If the clock was set right at 12 noon on a Sunday, what will be the time shown by the clock exactly 14 days from the time it was set right?
A is as much younger than B as he is older than C. If the sum of the ages of B and C is 50 years, what is exactly the difference between B and A's age?
An error 2% in excess is made while measuring the side of a square. What is the percentage of error in the calculated area of the square?
The length of a room is 5.5 m and width is 3.75 m. What is the cost of paying the floor by slabs at the rate of Rs. 800 per sq. metre.
If the difference between the length and breadth of a rectangle is 23 m and its perimeter is 206 m, what is its area?
What is the least number of squares tiles required to pave the floor of a room 15 m 17 cm long and 9 m 2 cm broad?

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