Sarat Chandra Banking & SSC 14th April-2021 Quiz

Welcome to your Sarat Chandra Banking & SSC 14th April-2021 Quiz

Q1) Which governmental body launched the 1st of its kind, Online Dispute Resolution(ODR) Handbook, for dispute resolution outside Court?
Q2) Which company launched India’s 1st Blockchain-based Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) for auctioning digital assets?
Q3) Who was appointed as the brand ambassador of Punjab’s COVID-19 vaccination program?
Q4) One of the highlighted words may be either misspelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentence and spelt or inappropriate if any.
He was unable (1)/to give a satisfactory (2)/explanation for his absense (3)/from the meeting (4)
Q5) In an examination it is required to get 270 of the aggregate marks to pass. A student gets 216 marks and is declared failed by 8% marks. What are the maximum aggregate marks, a student can get?
Q6) Starting from point X, Joy walked 15 m towards the West. He turned left and walked 20 m. He took another left turn and walked 15 m. After which he took a right turn and walked for another 12 m. How far is Joy from point X, if he faces North?
Q7) How many units in a single bus structure will communicate at a time ______.

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