Sarat Chandra Banking & SSC 16th August 2021

Welcome to your Sarat Chandra Banking & SSC 16th August 2021

The least six-digit number which is a perfect square is
If (a+b-6)2 + a2+b2+1+2b = 2ab+2a, then the value of a is
A train 240 meters in length crosses a telegraph post in 16 seconds. The speed of the train is?
In Δ ABC, the height CD intersects AB at D. The midpoints of AB and BC are P and Q respectively. If AD = 8 cm and CD = 6 cm, then the length of PQ is?
The compound interest on Rs. 64,000 for 3 years, compound annually at 7.5% p.a is
The average of 12 numbers is 9. If each number is multiplied by 2 and added to 3, the average of the new set of numbers is
The percentage change of a number when it is first decreased by 10% and then increased by 10% is
Two circles of radii 17 cm and 8 cm are concentric. The length of a chord of greater circle which touches the smaller circle is
A man has some hens and some cows. If the total number of heads of hens and cows together is 50 and the number of feet of hens and cows together is 142, then the number of cows is
Length of three-line segments is given. Is construction of a triangle possible with the segments in the given cases?

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