Sarat Chandra Banking & SSC 20th July 2021

Welcome to your Sarat Chandra Banking & SSC 20th July 2021

The ratio between the present ages of P and Q is 6:7. If Q is 4 years old than P, what will be the ratio of the ages of P and Q after 4 years
Raj's age is 4 times that of Dhiraj, his cousin. 3 years back, Raj was 5 times as old as Dhiraj. What is his present age?
A father said his son, " I was as old as you are at present at the time of your birth. " If the father age is 38 now, the son age 5 years back was :
My present age is 432 times the reciprocal of my age 6 years back. What is my present age?
Sachin was twice as old as Ajay 10 years back. How old is Ajay today if Sachin will be 40 years old 10 years hence
That was _______ pizza, but the dog ______ it!
When we pay money for our bus or train ride we are paying a ____.
___________ is a sale on parrots at the pet store.
Which sentence is written correctly?
I can see my house from ______.

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