Sarat Chandra Banking & SSC 21st June 2021

Welcome to your Sarat Chandra Banking & SSC 21st June 2021

1. The health-care reforms realized by the government, with partial support of the opposition, ____, by a majority of non-governmental organizations, _____ far from revolutionary in providing ample service, especially to the elderly retirees.
2. His command _______
3. Look. Your car _____ lifted off the ground.
4. Rohit is 26 years old and has been working in a software company for the past three years. He has scored 74% and 81% marks in HSC and graduation respectively. He is willing to sign a bond with the company.
4. If the letters in the word RUTHENIUM are rearranged in the alphabatical order, which letter will be second to the right of middle letter?
5. In each of the following questions, four words are given. Which of them will come at the second if all of them are arranged alphabetically as in a dictionary?
6. Arrange the given words in alphabetical order and choose the one that comes at the second place
7. In Banking terminology, NPA means
8. Which are the following rates are decided by the RBI is called "Policy Rate"?
9. Which bank beat SBI and become the second most valued bank in the country?
10. What is the full form of UPS?

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