Sarat Chandra Banking & SSC 2nd August 2021

Welcome to your Sarat Chandra Banking & SSC 2nd August 2021

The length, width, and height of a room are 7 m, 8 m, and 9 m respectively. What is the total area of the walls?
What is the area of the largest circle that can be drawn inside a square of side 20 cm?
If the side of a square is equal to the diameter of a circle, what is the area of the square if the area of the circle is 81π sq. cm?
The diameter of a circle is increased by 100%. What is the percentage increase in area?
The area of a rectangular plot is increased by 30% and its width remains as it was before. What will be the ratio between the area of the new rectangle and the original rectangle?
If the height of a triangle is decreased by 40% and its base is increased by 40%. What will be the effect on its area?
If the size of a tile is 9" by 9", how many tiles are required to cover a 12 ft. wide and 18 ft. long floor?
The sides of a rectangular field are in the ratio 3: 4 and its area is 7500 m2. What is the cost of fencing it at 25 paise per meter?

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