Sarat Chandra Banking & SSC 7th June 2021

Welcome to your Sarat Chandra Banking & SSC 7th June 2021

1. In a 500 m race, the ratio of the speeds of two contestants A and B is 3 : 4. A has a start of 140 m. Then, A wins by:
2. At a game of billiards, A can give B 15 points in 60 and A can give C to 20 points in 60. How many points can B give C in a game of 90?
3. In 100 m race, A covers the distance in 36 seconds and B in 45 seconds. In this race A beats B by:
4. In a 100 m race, A can beat B by 25 m and B can beat C by 4 m. In the same race, A can beat C by:
5. In a 300 m race A beats B by 22.5 m or 6 seconds. B's time over the course is:
6. Statements: Government has spoiled many top ranking financial institutions by appointing bureaucrats as Directors of these institutions. Conclusions: Government should appoint Directors of the financial institutes taking into consideration the expertise of the person in the area of finance. The Director of the financial institute should have expertise commensurate with the financial work carried out by the institute.
7. Statements: Prime age school-going children in urban India have now become avid as well as more regular viewers of television, even in households without a TV. As a result there has been an alarming decline in the extent of readership of newspapers. Conclusions: Method of increasing the readership of newspapers should be devised. A team of experts should be sent to other countries to study the impact of TV. on the readership of newspapers.
8. Statements: Any student who does not behave properly while in the school brings bad name to himself and also for the school. Conclusions: Such student should be removed from the school. Stricter discipline does not improve behaviour of the students.
9. Statements: Only good singers are invited in the conference. No one without sweet voice is a good singer. Conclusions: All invited singers in the conference have sweet voice. Those singers who do not have sweet voice are not invited in the conference.
10. Statements: Applications of applicants who do no fulfil eligibility criteria and/or who do not submit applications before last date will be summarily rejected and will not be called for the written test. Conclusions: Those who are called for the written test are those who fulfil eligibility criteria and have submitted their applications before last date. Written test will be held only after scrutiny of applications.

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