Sarat Chandra Banking & SSC 9th August 2021

Welcome to your Sarat Chandra Banking & SSC 9th August 2021

You are sincere. You can succeed. (A) Unless you _____ (B) Be _____ (C) Should you _____
He was a good teacher. He was a successful administrator. (A) Besides _____ (B) He was not _____ (C) Inspite of _____
He can walk fast. He is tall. (A) He is tall because _____ (B) Because he is tall _____ (C) Since he can _____
He is poor. He is happy. (A) Despite _____ (B) Admitting that _____ (C) He is poor indeed, _____
The boy got his leg badly injured. He was playing hockey. (A) While the boy was _____ (B) While playing _____ (C) Since his leg was _____
He has some weakness. He is the darling of everyone. (A) Though _____ (B) Inspite of _____ (C) Besides _____
He worked hard. He did not succeed. (A) Although he _____ (B) Notwithstanding _____ (C) Besides working ______
The thief entered the room. He found it empty. (A) Entering ______ (B) Although the thief ______ (C) As soon as ______
Entering the room, the thief found is empty. The Chief Guest arrived. The proceedings of the function began. (A)Â Having ______ (B) Only when ______ (C) The arrival ______
He is in great troubles. He is cheerful. (A) Besides being ______ (B) Since he ______ (C) For all ______

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