Sarat Chandra Banking SSC July 2nd 2021

Welcome to your Sarat Chandra Banking SSC July 2nd 2021

1. In a shower 10 cm of rain falls. What is the volume of water that falls on 1.5 hectares of ground?
2. Surface area of a sphere is 5544 cm2. Its volume will be
3. The radius of hemisphere is 3 cm. The ratio of its volume to the total surface area is
4.The radius of road roller is 1 meter and length 7/22 meter. When it is rolled on a ground then it rolls 500 times to level the ground. But it was found that on 5% part of the ground, roller rolled twice. What is the total area of the ground?
5. A hollow sphere of internal and external diameters 4 cm and 8 cm respectively is melted to form a solid cylinder of base diameter 8 cm. What is the height of the cylinder?
6. It is 6:00 pm, when can Deepak get next bus from Noida to Delhi? I. Buses for Delhi leave after every 30 minutes, until 11 pm. II. 20 minutes ago, a bus has left for Delhi.
7. Which day of the last week did Tony meet Jack, at Jack's home? I. Jack was out of town from Monday to Thursday. He returned on Friday morning. II. On Saturday night Tony telephoned his friend to inform that only yesterday he had got the approval of Jack after personally explaining to him all the details.
8. In a certain code, PAPER is written as QPARE. How is TABLE written in that code?
9. The population of China is higher than that of all other country in the world.
10. The small girl does whatever her mother was done.

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