Sarat Chandra Banking SSC June 14th 2021

Welcome to your Sarat Chandra Banking SSC June 14th 2021

1. A and B started a business by investing Rs.4000/- and Rs.5000/- respectively. Find the A’s share out of a total profit of Rs.1800:
2. Ravi, Ram and Raj together started a business in partnership. The ratio of their capitals is 4:5:9.If their annual profit be Rs. 30600/-. What will be Raj’s share in this profit?
3. A,B and C enter into a partnership investing Rs 35000, Rs 45000 and 55000. Find the their respective shares in annual profit of 40,500
4. Arrange the words given below in a meaningful sequence. 1. Never 2. Sometimes 3. Generally 4. Seldom 5. Always
5. Arrange in Order : 1)Tractor 2)Yacht 3)Bicycle 4)Truck 5)Car
6. Hand : Wrist : Bangle
7. There's some milk in the refrigerator, ___?
8. Radhika sang well.
9. Which software tool enables user interaction with the computer for a specific purpose?
10. What is “P” stand for in MPEG?

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