Sarat Chandra Banking & SSC Quiz 13th March-2021

Welcome to your Sarat Chandra Banking & SSC Quiz 13th March-2021

Q1) On decreasing the length and breadth of the rectangle by 25% and 40% respectively, area of the rectangle is decreased by 1320 cm². Find the area of the original rectangle.

Q2) If ‘P $ Q‘ means ‘P is mother of Q‘, ‘P #Q‘ means ‘P is father of Q‘, and ‘P @ Q‘ means ‘P is husband of Q‘, then in the expression “B @ K $ W # M” what is the relationship of B with M?

Q3) In order to ______I____ their candidate's ranking, the party sponsors flooded the media with _____II____ about his achievements.

          I                        II
a. nullify           d. praises
b. improve       e. increased
c. inflate           f. exaggeration

Q4) What does JAR stand for?

Q5) In which state/union territory, the festival of Shivratri has been celebrated as ‘Herath’?

Q6) Prime Minister of Ivory Coast Hamed Bakayoko has passed away recently. What is the capital of Ivory Coast?

Q7) Which bank partnered with the online Car sales platform, AckoDrive, to issue a free FASTag wallet on car purchase?

Q8) The title ‘Devanampriya’ was used by
1. Ashoka
2. Dasharatha
3. Samprati
4. Brihadratha
Choose the correct answer from the codes given below:
Q9) Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below:
List-I                                  List-II
(Tributary)                      (Rivers)
A. Chambal                     1. Narmada
B. Sone                            2. Yamuna
C. Manas                         3. Brahmaputra
Which of the pairs given above is/are correct matched?
Q10) Pendulum clocks become slow in summer because

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