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Welcome to your Sarat Chandra Banking & SSC 27th March-2021 Daily Quiz

Q1) US Defence Secretary made a 3-day visit to India (in Mar’21) where it was agreed to re-establish the ‘India-US Home Security Dialogue’. Who is the incumbent US Defence Secretary?

Q2) Which organisation along with the Clearing Corporation of India Ltd. (CCIL) framed a new penalty structure for delivery defaults in the commodity derivative segment?

Q3) Awareness about which disease is provided through the SAANS initiative of the Union Ministry of Health?

Q4) X and Y entered into partnership with Rs. 700 and Rs. 600 respectively. After another 3 months, X withdrew two-sevenths of his stock but after 3 months, he puts back three-fifths of what he had withdrawn. The total profit at the end of the year is Rs. 726. How much of this should X receive?

Q5) You have to choose that same word as your answer and fill up the blanks with that appropriate word.

 The largest chunk of the __________________ population is made of daily wage earners, not farmers, the report said, adding that an equal focus on both __________________ wages and farm income is vital to relieve __________________ distress.

Q6) 12AIFR                42WBOL             63EOCN               15TVMR              75GYTR

How many meaningful words can be formed from the letters of the words which are attached with the numbers in which At least one digit is even digit in the given alphanumeric series?

Q7) Which of the following refers to too much electricity and may cause a voltage surge?

Q8) In winter the western cyclonic disturbances originate from which sea

Q9) Which of the following state launched India’s first Govt-Run Animal Ambulance Network

Q10) Ken river is in

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